Passing spray cleaning machine

Cleaning process:

Spray cleaning→ wind shear (repeat available)→spray rinsing→ wind shear (repeat available)→hot-air drying.


Multiple cleaning and rinsing, hot air drying.

The nozzle’s pressure injection angle is adjustable.

Variable-frequency conveyor motor.

Monitor the electrical conductivity and PH value of cleaning fluid, and add cleaning fluid automatically.

Multi-stage fine filtration.

The equipment is equipped with leakage detection and auto discharge.

The system is equipped with integrated skimming function.

Alarm and error diagnose are displayed on the control screen.

Modular design allows function extension to a great extent.

Workpieces are running inside the cleaning machine with a controllable beat.


computer shell stamping part, flat panel TV, computer stamping part, lead frame, cylinder shell, bearing.