Modified alcohol cleaning machine

The whole solvent treatment system is under a vacuum condition (<100mbar) to ensure the working environment is over the flashing point of solvent (hydrocarbon and modified alcohol).

Excellent cleaning and drying effect

Thanks to combined process (mixing techniques) and available water rinsing, it can remove non-polar (organic) and polar (inorganic) contaminants in the same cleaning chamber, which offers more cleaning probability compared with traditional solvent cleaning machine.

Use a tubular nozzle for pressure flushing.

Ultrasonic cleaning: perform ultrasonic and recycle cleaning at the same time in a higher temperature condition.

Immersion cleaning: more efficient degreasing and drying effect is obtained when the temperature reaches 95℃.

The equipment can use hydrocarbon solvent or modified alcohol

Cleaning and drying are generally independent from the materials of parts to be cleaned (available for cleaning various plastics, test before cleaning)

Automatic treatment allows manual operation free.

Cleaned parts are highly clean.

The equipment discharge oil continuously, no more waiting!

The equipment is in a compact structure, occupying little space.

Through thermal recovery, solvent vapor is used to heat the rinsing tank.

Low-boiling matters and high-boiling matters are separated by means of fractionation, so the quality of solvent is constant and not affected by boiling point (effective for hydrocarbon and modified alcohol) and the service life of solvent.

Water and other low-boiling matters are separated automatically.

Mineral oil and other high-boiling matters are separated automatically.

Easy to replace filter element, empty automatically dry under vacuum.

Cleaning bcycle: 8-16min/basket.

Zero discharge, contaminant free and highly safe.


Precision parts processed with water-soluble cutting fluid or mineral oil:

Precision aluminum alloy part, nozzle, needle valve, piston, powder metallurgy part, tappet, precision stamping part, core of precision valve, aero-engine parts.