Position: Mechanical  engineer


                Be responsible for design and research and development of cleaning equipment;


                1.College degree or above, machinery or relevant majors;

                2. Experienced in Solidworks and CAD;

                3.Be capable of basic knowledge of mechanical structure design , and be able to design non-standard equipment independently;

                4.Experience in robot feeding and visual inspection;

                5.Priority is given to the candidate with more than 3 years of experience in the industry or related industries.


                Electrical engineer


                1. Be responsible for electrical design and research and development of cleaning equipment;

                2. Be responsible for selecting the model of electrical components;

                3. Be responsible for writing programs for the equipment and debugging;


                1. More than 2 years of experience in non-standard electrical design.

                2. Experienced in CAD EPLAC.

                3. Knowledge of Mitsubishi and Siemens PLC programming.

                4. Be able to work under great pressure.


                Mechanical drawer


                1. Assist engineers in drawing parts and components;

                2. Assist engineers in decomposing the drawing of large equipment;


                1. Be serious and responsible for the job, be modest and eager to learn and be self-motivated

                2. Experienced in CAD solidworks.

                3. Priority is given to the candidate with knowledge of metal plate drawing.


                Assembly engineer


                1. Be responsible for the assembly of non-standard equipment (mechanical assembly, or electrical assembly, or argon arc welding)


                1. Experienced in reading mechanical assembly drawing or electrical drawing and with knowledge of the principle

                2. More than 1 year of experience in large automatic equipment assembly

                3. Work hard and be able to work under great pressure

                All the above positions enjoy the following benefits:

                1. Five insurances and housing fund

                2. Free working lunch and free accommodation

                3. Performance bonus and annual bonus

                4. Periodic physical examination

                5. Birthday party and other holidays and vacations

                6. Patent training and outward-bound training.

                HR Specialist: Li Liang 18251542968

                E-mail: ll@powerfulwx.com